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When I was a child growing up in Italy, I walked with my head down looking for stones. Their colors fascinated me, their textures captivated my imagination. I wondered where they came from and who held them before me.


Were they instruments of barter from some vanished civilization? Were they fragments of history, spewn from the earth's belly by some great force? Whatever they were, in my young mind, stones had power.


Many years later, I still believe in that power. I have had the good fortune to travel and explore our world, and my travels have brought me in contact with fascinating cultures and extraordinary people, who taught me that the power of stones is very real. Stones can calm, balance, energize and empower.


For many tribal peoples, stones are sacred symbols of strength and healing. In Nepal, for example, coral is considered a stone of empowerment, endowing its possessors with the ability to reach new heights of spirituality. In Yemen, old silver beads are used in prayer because they are believed to bring the beholder closer to God. In Tibet, turquoise symbolizes healing and inner peace.


The stones of antiquity fascinated me most. Over the years, I collected African trade beads from West African tribes, pre-Colombian beads from South America, Roman coins and Etruscan artifacts from collectors and dealers in Italy, sacred Tibetan Dze beads from Tibet, and dinosaur teeth from the Niger desert, to name a few. I have always believed these ancient treasures are the most precious of possessions, because they connect us with the past; they are pieces of living history. 


As I collected more and more stones and rare objects, a new passion was ignited: the passion for creating wearable history. Thus the Donatella Linari Artwear collection was born. My jewelry celebrates the fascinating cultures of the world and mirrors their beauty and uniqueness. Every original, one-of-a-kind jewel is a piece of history you can touch, wear and love.


"My jewelery is my passion and my art. I hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it." 

Donatella's "Ethno-Historical" Jewels combine crystals and beads from her travels with ritual objects of tribal cultures and archeological artifacts
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