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​Ethno Historical 
"discover treasures from the the world of Donatella"

Pieces of ancient dreams

Donatella’s “Ethno-Historical” creations combine rare beads and stones from her travels with ritual objects of tribal cultures and archaeological artifacts.


Fragments of lost worlds are given new meaning in a contemporary context – a bridge between past and present – shards, stones, bones, antique coins… emerge from the workshop of Donatella transformed.


Her repertoire is timeless and boundless. Pearls come together with Byzantine and Roman coins…  Tibetan turquoise with Egyptian cartouches… Pre-Columbian ceramics with faceted crystal… Berber amber and rare coral join with ancient silver talismans.


Donatella’s innate passion for antiquity is reflected in her jewelry.  She strongly believes that beads are time travelers, in fact, little missives of culture and links to the spirits of the ancestors…


“My jewelry is my passion and my art and I hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it”.  

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